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Locked Down for 21 Days

Let lock down say a forever goodbye to COVID-19

By seeing the positive response of the Janta Curfew on Sunday (22nd March, 2020), the government declared a complete lockdown in the 75 selected places of India from 5pm of 23rd March, 2020 to 31st March, 2020 for those locations which are being detected as the confirmed areas undergoing the Coronavirus infection.

The measure steps that are being directed for this measure are as follows:

  • No public transport will be allowed to move on these places. Only the essential transports will be on the operations that are needed to continue the survival.

  • All sorts of shops, offices, factories and every related works will be closed and only the shops and departments of essential products will remain open.

  • All people coming from foreign countries need to stay under strict HOME QUARANTINE for the given period mentioned by the local health authorities.

  • The major aim is to create social distancing among people and it has been strictly ordered TO STAY AT HOME until they require any basic services.

  • All the authorities dealing with protection, security and maintaining the laws have been asked to take charge in such a way so that the lock down process is maintained properly with the aim to prevent the spread of this dangerous contamination.

  • Anyone who will not follow these rules will be given the blame of creating the offence punishable act under section 188 of The Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860).

Only the staffs of the following services will have the allowance to come out from their houses to deliver services both for public and private sectors:

  • Law and Order, Courts and Correctional Services

  • Health Services

  • Police, Armed forces and para-military forces

  • Electricity, Water and Conservancy services

  • Fire, Civil Defence and Emergency Services

  • Telecom, Internet, IT & ITES and postal services

  • Banks and ATMs

  • Essential foods

  • E-commerce of groceries, food items and home delivery of foods

  • Petrol pumps, LPG gas, oil agencies and their go-downs and transportations

  • Medicine shops, optical stores, pharmaceutical manufacturing and their transportation

  • Essential production and manufacturing units

  • Print, electronic media and social media

But after taking the advice from the medical experts and seeing the fatal condition of other countries, the Government has taken the decision to lockdown the entire India from the midnight of 25th March, 2020 to 14th April, 2020. The exceptions will be same as above but in this step, rails, airports and roadways will be completely closed, only transportation for essential goods will be opened. It has been told strictly to take this lockdown as a kind of curfew for self-protection. The Prime Minister has requested to maintain the lockdown strictly and have told to take his words as a family member and not just as a Prime Minister.

A request to go with the rules set by the Government to save our country

Dear Readers,

You might think staying at home for a continuous phase is a very difficult job. But you know what to see your countrymen, your own people suffering from an unstoppable infection is much more difficult. Just remember at this scenario, to you which is just a simple handshake, a simple cough or a simple sneeze of an individual can actually create thousands of people affected by Coronavirus because of you. Nothing can be a safe place for you than your little home, so keep your house clean and remain there until you require any emergency basic services. This phase of staying at home will save your life, it will save the life of your future generation, it will save the lives of those who are connected to your souls, it will save the life of many individuals and above all it will save the entire nation. Stay at home and keep getting update about new researches. Tell the old aged people and the children of your family the necessity of locking down. While we are locked down, a part of our population is working day and night just to serve us in this crisis, so value their hard-works and gift them the best award by “STAYING AT HOME” for their sacrifices. Keep alerting yourself as well as to your own people by giving the reminder to wash hands with soap.

Stay safe Citizens!

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