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Merin Joseph, true face for Justice

Merin Joseph, the Kollam’s Police Commissioner had done an immense act by punishing the accused of the rape case of a minor by directing the entire case through thorough study. When everyone have lost hope with the justice at that time the honourable police officer Merin Joseph started the investigation of a two year old case and did all the necessary documentation to start with the process. To her it was a very sensational case as the victim have committed the suicide too. She with her team started the investigation process and arrested the culprit Sunil Kumar who was staying in Riyadh after the incident. So right from India to Saudi Arabia she made a brave journey in terms of punishing the guilt rather the criminal. Now once again from this it is very clear that “IF WE WANT WE CAN DO, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”.

Team work and unity can bring major changes and another biggest example of it is the way the country is unitedly maintaining the lockdown to make the society free of Corona virus. India being the biggest democratic nation is very proud to have efficient officers like Merin Joseph, who is ready to sacrifice her life to safe the nation. Finally, the justice knocked the door in front of the whole nation on 18th July,2019.

Now as we all know India is fighting a war against COVID-19 and till now the country has sacrificed more than 50 lives in this pandemic disaster and 2069 are infected but every individual has taken a pledge to protect the country and make the country free of COVID-19 by maintaining the Home Quarantine or by delivering emergency services.

Hope very soon India will set free from harmful COVID-19. But when will the nation stand together against child trafficking and women trafficking? For how many times these innocent lives will be sacrificed? Or do you think India will stand for Safety, Security and Justice all together? Ask yourself.

The nation needs an answer….

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