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PM Narendra Modi gave his message on Coronavirus, but how it is going to effect the nation?

The day when the verdict finally came from the Prime Minister of India

At this stage, the entire nation is at the fear to get affected by Coronavirus. There is a continuous anxiety regarding these dangerous virus among the people and people are at the trauma in every second of their breath. Every citizen of our country were eagerly waiting to exactly hear the words that the Prime Minister will declare in the live telecast at 8pm on 19th March, 2020. It’s true that the every member of this country have forgotten to take a peaceful breath in the nightmare through which the country is undergoing.

Let us have a read to what the Prime Minister said today in the much awaited hearing
  • The request have come from his side for one and all to remain isolated in the upcoming few weeks.

  • He has requested all of us not to go out from the house unless it is required.

  • A suggestion came from his side for all to take work from home in the possible scenarios.

  • He has declared “Janta Curfew” in the entire country on Sunday ( 22nd March, 2020) where no citizen will go out from their houses right from 7am to 9pm.

  • In this curfew session only the mandatory necessary services will be ongoing.

  • At 5pm on this Sunday a plan has been made to show respects to the people who are always giving their continuous services to fight against Coronavirus by giving a huge round of claps from the corridors or balconies of respected individuals.

  • He has given the advice to delay the regular check-ups or minor surgeries of the citizens so as to reduce the pressure of the medical staffs as they are into continuous services for this emergency situation.

  • A force will be formed to continuously work against this disaster.

  • He has also assured that government will continuously look after to the fact that there is no crisis of the essential items that are required by us to survive thereby giving the hope that there is no need to keep the extra stocks of essential items from beforehand.

This was the major sayings that HE has declared today as our hope and confidence.

Our only prayer is that we should all gain the power to fight bravely to come out from this crisis. We can only come out from this dangerous condition if we start maintaining the discipline from this very moment. In the circle of joining hands together in terms of humanity and fighting against Coronavirus will result into:

“COVID-19 will lose, India will continue to rule”


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