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Seven years is the age of justice ? 20th March,2020 ultimate justice for Nirbhaya Case

The ultimate justice for the Nirbhaya case

The real culprits of the Nirbhaya story were executed in the morning of 20th March, 2020. In this scenario, at the last night before hanging one of the convict’s proposal for reviewing his death penalty was completely rejected by The Supreme Court. These four convicts were hanged in the jail of Tihar at 5:30am. These four men: Akshay kumar Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh were involved in the obnoxious act of a gang-rape along with the murder of a 23 year old girl who was a bright student of medical. She was attacked by them in a running bus on the winter of 2012 in Delhi.

The major role played by the advocate Karuna Nundy

This lady played an immense role to give justice to the family of this beautiful 23 year old girl. She became involved with rules and laws that were regarding the sexual harassment and anti-rape authorities for the women in India. In all these steps she was a major consultant of the “Verma Committee Report”. This Report was mainly done with the motive to review the anti-rape laws of India. In the first few phases the Report did not bring any such success but with her extreme passion and determination, finally “the anti-rape bill” was passed. Every man and woman of India should be proud of this elegant lawyer of Supreme Court for whom the lives of many women saved in terms of justice.

The strict actions that were played by the Authorities
  • These four culprits had submitted several petitions in the last few months again and again, but Supreme Court did a complete justice by rejecting their proposals.

  • Before the hanging the whole jail of Tihar was locked at every point on the entire night.

  • The last dismissal of their petition was done by the Supreme Court just two hours before the ultimate execution happened.

  • After 7 long years of the death of this 23-year old girl, the ultimate day came on 2020 where these brutal men underwent the actual deserved pain.

Nothing can replace the pain of losing the Daughter for a Mother but still the only peace that can be obtained is that the worst act done by these men got the ultimate punishment and this will always be an example to every culprits who will even think to perform such acts.

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