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Website Development

The process to reflect one’s idea and reflection under the shade of his brand. It defines the entire purpose, advantages and contact details of a particular project, company and institute. Websites are of different types and each of it has a special identity. Each and every details of the particular work are expressed in a website.

Essay Writing

Here the writing is done on a particular topic in the form of different paragraphs. The topic of the essay can be on any criteria, and to every essay, there is an opportunity to write in a free flow.

Online Course Work

The online assignment and the homework in the online portal are done through this process. The discussion writing for different topics are also done here and here the work is mainly done through a conceptual framework. The technical works are done through this process. Here the pattern may be graphical or theoretical. The step by methods and the integration of each work are described here.

Article Writing

This type of writing is done for a huge group of readers. This writing provides a pattern that helps to write this topic in different magazines, newspapers, blogging and websites. The writing can be related to social issues and also about different sensitive topics.

Product Writing

Product Writing is briefing about the product in details so that online users or buyers can easily get aware about the product. It is about stating the details features and descriptions that are available in that product. Sometimes the positive and negative impacts are also mentioned in the product writing. Product writing helps the buyers to compare with the similar category of products and select the product as per requirement.

Story Writing

Story writing is framing reality, imagination, emotions and experience in a strong prospect. The story may be short or long depending on the theme and concept. There is a different genre of a story and according to a selected genre, the story is written.


Referencing is done to show from where the study link or the suggestions have been taken. At the end of the assignment, the list of the reference is mentioned. You can also refer it as a bibliography. In the line of the text also the references are mentioned and the process is known as an in-text citation. So referencing is a compulsory part of your assignment because it helps to identify your study source and originality. The major types of reference are as follows:

  • APA

  • MLA

  • Oxford

  • Harvard

  • Chicago

The process of formatting also depends on the type of reference.

App Development

This is the part of the development which connects to the link with the website. It creates user-friendly applications that make the task easier for the user. It also helps in making the usage faster along with making it cost-free too. It makes the functions wide and elaborative.

Manual Making

The reports of the technical works are done through this process. Here the pattern may be graphical or theoretical. The step by methods and the integration of each work are described here.

Internship Project

A student who goes for internship session has to make an internship project after their training session. This project constitutes the details description of the company, process of training, work methodology and implication of a proper research methodology and its orientations. Different types of statistical calculation regarding the entire system is also done here.

Poster Writing 

This explains a brief description of the entire topic and is described in a single poster. This shows a summary of the entire thesis or dissertation or on the total topic. This is mainly done through flowcharts, diagrams, pictures and with to the point description.

Review Writing

Review writing is stating the product quality and features after use. It is about defining the pros and cons of the product. It is all about taking the viewer’s or user’s opinion. Review writing can be sort into any object or it can be related to article or research paper.

Letter Writing

Letter writing is broadly classified into two categories:

1.    Formal Letter- Formal Letter are written by stating any official or professional issues. In a formal letter, the message should be brief and clear. There should not be any extra statement or useless talk, only the subject point to be expressed.

2.    Informal Letter- Informal Letter is written by expressing the feeling and emotions. This format is used to express everything in a friendlier way. This format is generally addressed to our near and dear one. This format of the letter may be long or brief and it depends on the one who is writing as there is no limitation.

Academic Writing

A form of writing where the major content is related to the enlisted syllabus and courses. This type of writing is based only on the features of study based and this may be of any subject related to the spheres of education.

Laboratory Report

The practical experiments done in the laboratories are made in the form of a report by this process. General descriptions, procedures, results, assumption and the concluding statements are being provided here. This helps the student to understand and the step by step work done by them.

Thesis Writing

The reports of the technical work as well as of the theoretical work are done through this process. Here the pattern may be graphical or theoretical. The step by step methods and the integration of each work are described here.

Paragraph Writing

A short flow of writing is done here through a designated topic. This is maybe imaginative or technical writing. It might also include a strong writing on reality. This type of writing is a short or small form of essay writing.

Speech Writing

Speech writing is often used to write the scripts or it can be done for various people who want to give a presentation or any such similar approaches. Generally, this acts as dialogues or as the description that one will speak about.

Video Writing

Video writing is about explaining or defining the content of the video. It is generally performed in two ways which are as follows:

1.    Direct Coding: In this case, the writer has to code each and every word that was told in the video. Here the writer has to code only the words that were spoken in the video by the speaker, the writer can’t add any new word in the entire speech. 

2.    Summary Writing: In this case, the writer has to observe the video sincerely to understand each every single detail that was mentioned in the video. After checking the entire concept and idea of the video the writer have to write a summary of the video briefing the entire thing that was shown or required to explain.

Content Writing

Here the writing can be based on any topic. The content can be of any themes and this can be based on reality as well as imagination (or illusion). We can also put it in this way, that content writing is a big platform where expression of feelings and different tales can be portrayed strongly.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae

This is an important part of any individuals’ career. The detail of every student is being described in his or her resume. Starting from age, to work experience, education qualification, every single details of a student is being mentioned in the resume. A resume is a summary of a particular individual.

Dissertation Making

This is exactly similar to thesis writing. It is just another synonym for thesis writing. So whatever we told you about thesis writing is same.  

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation is done with various types of descriptions and explanations are done through different slides. This is done based on both reviewing ability as well as with the writing details. Both sentences and images are an important part of these presentations. These slides are also based on arrow based diagrams as well as with pictorial flow.

Logo Making

Logo making is a form of art that is made as a symbol of a particular organisation or company. It defines their origin. This will be completely according to the creativity that the particular organization or company will want. The purpose may be for any social initiatives or any business venture. The Logo is used to give the symbol of trust or guarantee to everyone and gives commitments to maintain the originality.

Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism is a phenomenon which is a major crime for the society of academics. Anything that is directly copied from the internet or any book is termed as plagiarism. It is an illegal act to copy someone’s written words in your work. There are many software’s through which plagiarism can be checked directly for a particular work or assignment. We can surely use everything as a study reference, but it is always mandatory to write down the own piece of work, in its language (the term of expression should always be self-made).

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