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15 Beautiful pet birds in the world

Birds are those beautiful contribution of the nature who has the magical power to beautify nature in a glorious way. From the pretty pink to attractive green and many such mystic colours of these organisms create remarkable gorgeous shadows in the environment. Let us have a glance to some of the pets that we generally keep in our houses and who becomes an integral part of our beloved ones:

1. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

Their crest is red in colour and the plumage is soft-textured white and salmon pink. Here both the males and the females are identical. The males are bigger in size and the female has wider yellow stripe on the surface of the crest. In the stage of maturity red eye develops and they look beautiful.

2. Macaw

They belong from the group of parrots.Their beaks are larger with long tails and they continue to have patches surrounding the eyes. The larger group of Macaws are hyacinth. Red-shouldered Macaw belongs from the smallest group. Buffon’s fall under the category of green wings.

3. Rainbow Lorikeet

This bird belongs from Queensland and Southern Australia. They are basically medium sized and their head is deep blue in colour. Their collar is greenish-yellow in colour and the left over upper portion is green in colour. The orange and yellow colour lies in their chest portion. During the fly, their yellow wings creates contrast with red colour underwings.

4. Salmon Crested Cockatoo

They belong from the group of vulnerable species. They stay in the lowland forests. Here the female is larger in size than the male. Their feathers are whitish-pink in colour. They have excellent power to mimic. Their crest is basically like the exact colour of the Flamingo.

5. Galah

The combination of pink and grey cockatoo is known as Galah. They are available in the entire region of Australia. The colour of their beak is bone coloured. The irises of the female is mid-brown and the irises of the male is deep brown. There is a difference in the colours of the adults and the juveniles.

6. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

This category belongs from the group of white Cockatoo. They are famous for their intelligence and presence of minds. Eye-ring of these beautiful birds are whitish, the colours of their legs are grey in colour and their bill looks beautiful in black colour.

7. Gouldian finch

Both the females and males are dedicatedly coloured with red, yellow, green and black marks. In this section of birds, breeding occurs at high rate and this give rise to mutations. The tubercles have the capacity to reflect light. They are also defined as phosphorescent and they are famous for their opalescent lustre.

8. Jandaya parakeet

They have a long tail and their body is reddish-orange. Their eyes are dark and they have a beautiful ring in the body. They are found in palm grooves and in deciduous woodland of the lowlands. Chocolate or caffeine are toxic for their health. They are also known as Flaming Conure.

9. Loriini

They are basically the tribal parrots. They have brush-tipped tongues which helps them to feed on nectar. The collection of pollen is done by them by the tufts of papillae. Very often they visit at the bird feeders and sometimes they also feed on meat. They are found in Australia as well as in South-East Asia.

10. Caique

These birds have short square tail and they are coloured brightly. During their fly, the wing creates a whirring sound which is very unique. They love to consume flowers, fruits and seeds. They prefer walking and jumping instead of flying as it becomes difficult for them to fly long distances.

11. Eclectus parrot

The male is bright green in colour having yellow-tinge on the head. Here the females are green in colour along with the deep hue on the wings and on the back side. They mainly survive on the unripe fruits and on the buds of the leaves. They love to stay on the rainforest trees.

12. Grey parrot

They are basically the black-billed parrot. Both the adults and the younger ones look similar here. They are the origin of the equatorial region of Africa. They are remarkably intelligent. They has the ability to learn number sequences and can create association with human voices.

13. Domestic canary

They are famous by knowing as songbird. They are recognized as those birds who sings to the police. They are the active participants of the canary shows in summer. The study of neurogenesis is also done by canaries in the adult brain.

14. Rose-ringed parakeet

They have the potential to live in disturbed habitat. They can stay in all climates and has the special feature to live in low (cold) temperatures also. They can fly up to several miles to gather their food. During summers they prefer to eat dates and create nest inside the palm trees.

15. Love bird

Their bonding with the pair and the long periods of sitting together defines their name itself. They fall under the category of smallest parrots. Most of the love birds have white ring around their eyes. They live in small size groups and eat vegetables, fruits, grasses and seeds.

Let’s love them instead of hurting these beautiful vibes. Let’s preserve them instead of over utilizing them. Let’s create them instead of vanishing them.

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