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Facts revealed on COVID-19

Don’t go with the wrong notion that drinking alcohol will be a perfect treatment for Corona Virus

Whosoever is having the idea that “Drinking Alcohol” is the solution for the remedy in treating Coronavirus, then please don’t go with idea because this is simply going to destroy your immune system. The consumption of alcohol at this phase will create a big negative impact in the immune cells of upper respiratory system and lungs. This will further give rise to fatal diseases like pneumonia, kidney failure and tuberculosis.

Why it is important to protect our immune system by preventing the drinking of alcohol?
  • The three major cells of immune system whose capacity to function gets destroy by drinking alcohol are as follows:

i. Macrophages

ii. T- Cells

iii. C-Cells

  • Macrophages play the action of destructing those components that should not be a part of your system and thus making the body informed about the pathogens or foreign substances present.

  • T cells have the power to kill particular kinds of viruses rather they are the antibodies to particular diseases. Thus they can easily identify the pathogens and destroy them smoothly.

  • C cells undergoes the major role in the production of Calcitonin.

  • So by drinking alcohol all the above mentioned cells will start degrading thereby giving the opportunity to the body to welcome large numbers of illness and diseases.

Few vital researches on Coronavirus
  • The research zone have discovered “main protease” as the target to battle with all sorts of Coronaviruses.

  • The design have been done for ɑ-ketoamide compounds. These compounds will block as well as bind with the active site of the enzymes.

  • In-vitro testing of these compounds have been done with the human cells.

  • This experiment has resulted in finding the adaptable inhibitor in the activities of a protease.

  • This has finally resulted into the blocking of the functions of the enzymes in several Coronaviruses where the list includes COVID-19 too.

  • Another section of the research industry have discovered that as there is no mutation in the epitopes of SARS-CoV-2, thereby declaring that a thorough immune target can create response against COVID-19.

Dear All,

  • Don’t go in making unscientific sanitizers because this is going to create home for more harmful microorganisms.

  • Stay back to your home in this dangerous phase as much as possible, be a part of HOME QUARANTINE to save your nation.

  • Let us inoculate this very strongly inside our hearts as well as inside our brains that let us only utilize all our emergency services only if it is an urgent requirement for us because – Let us remember this strongly that a part of our population has kept their life at risk thus to serve our needs, so let’s protect their lives too. Think twice and you will get your answer that this population consist of several individuals whom you think to be the part of your soul.

  • Only YOU can save YOUR PEOPLE…

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