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Quick come back of Yes Bank

The major story behind the failure of Yes Bank

The advance rise of the debts of the loan created the major fundamental behind the failure of the scenario. In majority of the cases, the failure took place from the borrowers’ side and thus the value of negative overdue increased to 7.39%. Another negative impact that took place is that the customers have withdrawn huge amounts and thereby creating a huge combination of credit and deposit fraction. This crisis started developing in the year 2018-19. The stock price of the bank fell at a rapid rate along with the profits of the assets.

How the customers are suffering due to this sudden crisis?
  • The major suffering is happening to the customers whose salary account are being linked in Yes Bank.

  • The loan facility will drop at a high rate for the customers.

  • The premium account holders will suffer severely in case of those whose amount is more than Rs.50,000.

  • Old aged customers are panicking and thereby arising a fear of losing.

  • The limit in withdrawing maximum up to Rs.50,000 till 3rd April,2020 is a huge trauma for investors or for the account holders.

  • As the scenario happened in the first week of March, so people are suffering badly as they have scheduled EMIs and monthly withdrawals for running the entire months.

Actions to solve the mishap of Yes Bank
  • The new body of Yes Bank will have two non-executive directors and one non-executive chairman.

  • The new governing body of Yes Bank will be continuing for last one year until the alternate body take place.

  • The new body will have a group of six member committee which will include the Managing Director and the CEO.

  • All the employees of Yes Bank will receive the same salary that they used to receive now.

The major thing that we should do is that we should plan our investment wisely. We should always be careful while selecting our bank and especially we should think twice before selecting the bank in case keeping our large sum of savings.

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